Selling in multiple channels should not be chaotic.

What is Cres?

  • A Web Application that you can access with any device.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • Is a centralized controller where all the reservations are configured and received.

Why do you need Cres?

  • The sources of reservations are disparate and tedious to aggregate.
  • You cannot be certain of what nor when reservations are confirmed, modified or cancelled.
  • A lack of accurate and timely data leads to undesired overbooking and unsold rooms.
  • Comparison amomg the different sales sources and channels is hardly attainable.
  • There is not an authoritative source of rates and availability.

How can Cres help you?

  • Connecting to multiple channels through a uniform interface.
  • Configuring general and specific allocation for all channels and per channel.
  • Automating the synchronization and notification of reservations.
  • Providing a Web Service where third parties can connect to query and post reservations.
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Global rates & availability
General and individual channel management
Receive bookings from channels
Manual bookings
Publish reservations to front desk
Basic reports
Room customization and add-ons
Promotional packages
Dynamic rates
Advanced reports
Audit trail
* features not explicitly listed are included in all plans.

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  • Rates and availability, global and per-channel.
  • Dynamic balance throughout all channels.
  • Room types with description, photos, etc.
  • Scheduled rates and availability.
  • Manual bookings.
  • Publish bookings through Web Services.
  • Complex rules: min/max stay, date ranges, etc.
  • Room customization and add-on items.
  • Receive bookings from distribution channels.
  • Receive booking updates and cancelations.
  • Send notifications for manual bookings: SMS, email, voice.
  • Publish rates and availability to distribution channels.
  • Publish room types to front desk applications [1].
  • Seasonal rate templates.
  • Rates relativity: fixed, maximum, etc.
  • Register people with identity manager [2].
  • Tax configuration.
[1] FDK is a hotel front desk application from PYCOH Software.
[2] IDM is a compatible identity manager from PYCOH Software.


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