Most accounting tasks can be fully and easily automated.

What is Fin?

  • A Web Application that you can access with any device.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • An IFRS-compliant accounting and finances module.

Why do you need Fin?

  • Some legal documents are hard to find and even get lost on their way to the finances department.
  • Issuing invoices and other documents takes too long and you have to archive a copy.
  • You cannot report financial transactions arbitrarily and accurately.
  • The main operational accounts, such as receivable and payable, lack of sufficient visibility.

How can Fin help you?

  • Running the trial balance for you in a matter of miliseconds.
  • Orderly storing a copy of all your documents.
  • Allowing you to export and publish financial data.
  • Supporting the definition of custom accounts.
  • Auditing all the transactions.
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€8.99 / month €16.99 / month
Accounting business documents
Custom document numbering
Manual/auto accounting entries
Basic reports
Payment integration**
Accounting ledgers
Custom accounts
Export/publish accounts
Advanced reports
* features not explicitly listed are included in all plans.
** credit card transaction fees are 3.05% + €0.30; average values for small traders across all countries.

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  • IFRS compliant.
  • Journal and ledger books.
  • Subsidiary accounts payable ledger.
  • Subsidiary accounts receivable ledger.
  • Input backlog received from posting modules [1].
  • Association of backlog entries to accounts.
  • Document templates.
  • Invoices, vouchers, receipts, payments, etc.
  • Modify and post backlog entries.
  • Create entries manually.
  • Custom accounts.
  • Profit and loss account.
  • Cash flow statement.
  • Transaction audition.
  • Balance sheet and trial balance.
  • Export accounting to various formats.
  • Publish accouting through Web Service.
  • Multi-currency.
[1] among others, FDK, Humar and Posh modules from PYCOH Software, post accounting transactions.


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