Software for Hotels
Supporting every standard hotel operation

For many years, hotels have been structured around a few standard departments, e.g. front desk, finances, food and beverage, bell staff, housekeeping, maintenance/engineering, etc. The advent of new technologies have both a) brought the opportunity to innovate and grow in unforeseen ways and to improve the hotel activities in those departments, and b) increased the complexity of the many interrelated software and hardware systems.

In this article we list most of the software and hardware systems found nowadays in the hotel industry, aswell as the interrelations between them.

Identities and user accounts

Share identities across the organization: employees, clients, providers, etc. and manage SSO (Single Sign-On) user accounts.

  • Publishes: users and people.
See IDM from PYCOH Software.

Front desk

Support guest operations: individual/group folios, check in/out, availability, billing, payments, night audit, housekeeping, keycards.

  • Publishes: folios.
  • Consumes: users and people.
See FDK from PYCOH Software.

Point of Sales

Print receives and orders, process payments, post and report transactions, interface with electronic signature, cash drawer, kitchen...

  • Publishes: sales.
  • Consumes: users, folios, transactions, payments and recipes.
See Posh from PYCOH Software.

Central reservation system

Make reservations, define room types, availability, rates and conditions, interface with distribution channels, send notifications.

  • Publishes: bookings, rates+availability and room types.
  • Consumes: users and people.
See Cres from PYCOH Software.

Web booking engine

Accept direct bookings from your hotel's website, process pre-authorizations and deposits, interface with a CRS; provide customer area.

  • Consumes: users, bookings, room types, rates+availability and payments.
See WebEn from PYCOH Software.

Plant maintenance

Manage all the maintenance activities: corrective and preventive tasks, assignation, planning and scheduling, measurements, materials.

  • Consumes: users, people, assets and shift schedules.
See MNT from PYCOH Software.

Fixed asset management

Keep track of fixed assets ‒buildings, machinery, appliances, etc, its state and location, depreciation, documentation, regulations, etc.

  • Publishes: assets.
  • Consumes: users and transactions posting.
See Asma from PYCOH Software.

Finances and accounting

Receive/send data from/to other modules, keep ledgers, create invoices, receipts, deposits, payments; track taxes, generate reports.

  • Publishes: transactions posting, credits.
  • Consumes: users.
See Fin from PYCOH Software.

Food and beverage

Manage menus, recipes, ingredients, preparation and presentation; publish to PoS and displays, analyze/forecast sales, cost, wastage.

  • Publishes: recipes.
  • Consumes: users, sales and stock.
See FooBar from PYCOH Software.

Human resources

Employee profiles, terms, time and attendance, schedules, cost calculation, taxes, incentives, benefits, complements, vacations, etc.

  • Publishes: shift schedules.
  • Consumes: users, people and transactions posting.
See Humar from PYCOH Software.

Materials and provisioning

Manage requisitions, orders, receipts, inventory and RfQ, post to accouting, keep history, see consumption and trends, market lists.

  • Publishes: stock.
  • Consumes: users, people and transactions posting.
See M-Prov from PYCOH Software.

Facebook booking engine

Full functionality within facebook page, fans and friends can make direct reservations; see reports and statistics; interface with CRS.

  • Consumes: users, bookings, rates+availability, room types and payments processing.
See HotelFace from PYCOH Software.

Marketing and sales

Manage customer profiles, multichannel campaigns, agenda, collect reviews and ratings, make polls, bulk email and SMS, track contracts.

  • Consumes: users, people, GoogleAds and bookings.
See SalMar from PYCOH Software.

Expedia QuickConnect interface

Seamlessly connect the hotel's reservation system with Expedia and provide enhanced capabilities through a rich user interface.

  • Consumes: users, bookings, rates+availability and room types.
See HExped from PYCOH Software.

Broker console

Let brokers, agents, resellers, touroperators, etc. request or manage allocations, commisions and other conditions, interface with CRS.

  • Consumes: users, people, bookings, rates+availability and room types.
See Bro from PYCOH Software.

Online chat service

Integrate a configurable online webchat in your hotel's website to support live communication with various visitors simultaneously.

  • Consumes: users and people.
See Chas from PYCOH Software.

Message center

Snippet and backend to provide configurable messaging, alerts and reminders to all organization members, among individuals and groups.

  • Publishes: messages.
  • Consumes: users and people.
See Hermess from PYCOH Software.

Payment processor

Supply authorization and settlement services to the hotel in order to reliably and securely complete payment transactions.

  • Publishes: payments processing.


See also

Products and services

  • IDM: identities and users.
  • MNT: plant maintenance.
  • Posh: point of sales.
  • FDK: hotel front desk.
  • Cres: central reservations system.
  • WebEn: web booking engine.
  • MProv: materials and provisioning.
  • FooBar: food & beverage.
  • Hermess: messages and alerts.
  • Asma: fixed assets.
  • Fin: finances and accounting.
  • Humar: human resources.
  • HotelFace: facebook booking app.
  • SalMar: sales and marketing.
  • HExped: expedia interface.
  • Bro: broker console.
  • Chas: online chat.