More than just bill and charge: from arrival to departure.

What is Posh?

  • A Web Application that you can access with any device.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • A full-featured point of sales.

Why do you need Posh?

  • Daily reports are manual and/or very time consuming.
  • Order taking and billing are slow.
  • Receipts are illegible and error prone.
  • Availability and prices of items are unclear or too stiff.
  • You cannot charge bills to external guest accounts.

How can Posh help you?

  • Taking advantage of wireless devices to support self/distributed service.
  • Providing real-time synchronization among the PoS users.
  • Displaying a simple interface for the task at hand.
  • Keeping a record of historic sales.
  • Integrating with receipt printers, cash drawers and other devices.
  • Simplifying price planning and bill calculation.
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€8.99 / month €14.99 / month
Product categories and items
Charge to account
Compact/detailed views
Multiple tax and currency schemes
Publish sales Web Service
Multiple and split payments
Amends and returns
Basic reports
Integrated payments**
Visual-2D table layout
Pricing templates
Menus, promotions and invitations
Local credit accounts
Advanced reports
Audit trail
* features not explicitly listed are included in all plans.
** credit card transaction fees are 3.05% + €0.30; average values for small traders across all countries.

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  • Product hierarchy: categories and items.
  • 2D Room/tables layout and ad hoc seats.
  • Multiple/per product pricing plans.
  • Category and item modifiers/add-ons.
  • Aggregated/detailed order view.
  • Configurable products grid.
  • Print of receipts, orders, and payments [1].
  • Cash drawer openable by DK line [2].
  • Customizable product buttons.
  • Cash control and audit.
  • Built-in payment methods: CC, BitCoin, etc.
  • Sales analysis and reports.
  • Charge to external (front office) folio [3].
  • Import recipes from external system [4].
  • Post transactions to accounting module [5].
[1] through client system's printer. [2] check for DK line compliant receipt printers. [3] FDK provides this functionality. [4] FooBar is an external system that can publish recipes. [5] Fin is an accouting system that accepts transaction posting.


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  • IDM: identities and users.
  • MNT: plant maintenance.
  • Posh: point of sales.
  • FDK: hotel front desk.
  • Cres: central reservations system.
  • WebEn: web booking engine.
  • MProv: materials and provisioning.
  • FooBar: food & beverage.
  • Hermess: messages and alerts.
  • Asma: fixed assets.
  • Fin: finances and accounting.
  • Humar: human resources.
  • HotelFace: facebook booking app.
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