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What is SalMar?

  • A Web Application that you can access with any device.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • A customer relationship management tool.
  • A multichannel marketing campaign tracker.

Why do you need SalMar?

  • You cannot engage your customers into a long-lasting relationship.
  • Customer opinions and feedback fade into oblivion.
  • The performance of the marketing campaings is hard to assess.
  • The focus of your marketing efforts does not address the real oportunities.
  • There are not metrics or indicators upon which to cooperate towards a common goal.

How can SalMar help you?

  • Providing your customers a dedicated area for interaction with your hotel.
  • Supporting marketing campaings through bulk email, SMS and voice calls.
  • Integrating with some digital advertising placement suppliers.
  • Tracking the campaign activities with each customer.
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€7.99 / month €17.99 / month
Campaign management
Web forms, polls, etc.
Sales pipeline
Bulk email
Client profiles
Basic reports
Tasks calendar
Google AdWords integration
Client area
Bulk SMS and voice calls**
QR code generation and page landing
Advanced reports
Audit trail
* features not explicitly listed are included in all plans.
** SMS fees are €0.15.

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  • Contact profiles.
  • Create, share and delegate activities.
  • Sales pipeline.
  • Campaigns: budget, costs, performance.
  • Traceable text and QR-code links.
  • Integration with advertising placement suppliers [1].
  • Run campaigns based on bookings conditions.
  • Embeddable script for custom landing page.
  • Generated web forms and polls.
  • A/B tests.
  • Bulk email, SMS and voice calls.
  • Integration with facebook and twitter.
  • Integration with mail clients [2].
  • Attach documents, collaterals and other files.
[1] Google AdSense for the time being. [2] gmail and for the time being. Import needed for other clients.


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